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Waste-free potato processing facility to be built in the Lviv region of Ukraine

The Central Plains Group Ukraine company along with investors from Great Britain and Finland plan to build a facility for the waste-free processing of potatoes, particularly potato starch, in the village of Glynyany of the Zolochevsky district in the Lviv region of Ukraine.  The Governor of Lviv Maksym Kozitskiy had met with representatives of the Central Plains Group Ukraine. This announcement was reported by the AgroTimes with reference to the press service of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

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The company is located in Velikoselki of the Kamenka-Bugsky district and is engaged in the cultivation of table and chip potatoes on a total area of ​​700 hectares. In 2020, gross production was about 15,000 tons. Last year, they built potato storage with refrigeration equipment for a capacity of 11,000 tons. This year they are working on the construction of the second stage of a potato storage facility of the same capacity.

The company also plans to increase the area of ​​potato cultivation. It intends to expand its production activities to process the grown potatoes into starch.

“We intend to build a plant for waste-free processing of potatoes, in particular for starch, in Glynyany of the Zolochevsky district,” said Oleg Drin, a representative of the board of directors of the company and the Finnish investment fund. “The cost of construction is about $7 million. We want to create about 50 jobs at the enterprise. We plan to process 40,000-50,000 tons of potatoes per year. For the profitable operation of the plant, there is a great need for raw materials. We plan to establish cooperation with local farmers and build an effective process for growing and supplying raw materials to the plant. There are plans to cooperate with USAID on the development of farming and, in the future, to establish the process of purchasing potatoes from farmers.”


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