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Walnut prices keep rising in Moldova, but it will not last for long

By the middle of December, the price of inshell walnuts and kernels in bulk rose by 3-7 MDL/kg ($0.16-0.39/kg) compared to the beginning of the month. It is the minimum prices that have mainly increased: kernels are now purchased at 120 MDL/kg ($6.77/kg) minimum, inshell walnuts – at not less than 25 MDL/kg ($1.4/kg). At the same time, according to the monitoring of EastFruit, the maximum price level remains unchanged for the third week – 130 MDL/kg ($7.3/kg) and 30 MDL/kg ($1.69/kg), respectively.

The UAPCN, the Union of Moldovan Walnut Growers’ Associations, believes that the stabilization of the maximum price level for high-quality walnuts, both kernels and in-shell, indicates that traders are no longer expecting large purchases on the market. The offer is minimal, and purchases are mainly made within previously concluded agreements between walnut growers and traders. Highly demanded American and French walnut varieties have already been sold (except for very small volumes in some walnut-growing enterprises to be sold at a high price mainly in local retail in 2022).

A small but constant increase in the level of minimum wholesale prices for kernels and in-shell walnuts also indicates that traders hope to intensify the purchase of low-quality walnuts from forest belts and alleys along the roads in December. It is difficult to assess how many nuts can still be harvested there. The UAPCN union believes that the volume can amount to dozens of tonnes.

However, intensive purchases of walnuts are coming to an end. Traditionally, there is a quiet period in the walnuts market from the last week of December to the second half of January.


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