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Uzbekistan significantly reduced banana imports since COVID-19 pandemic

Uzbekistan has significantly reduced the import of bananas this year, Podrobno.uz reports, citing data from the State Statistics Committee.

For the first 9 months of 2020, 23,100 tons of bananas were imported into the country for $15.3 million. This is 1600 tons or $3.5 million less compared to the same period last year.

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The main supplier of bananas to Uzbekistan was Ecuador ($14.8 million). Other suppliers were Russia – $109,700, Kazakhstan – $103,100, Kyrgyzstan – $96,500, China – $91,400 and Mexico – $45,200.

This year, bananas were imported mainly to Tashkent (11,100 tons), Fergana (6000 tons) and the Tashkent region (3100 tons).

As previously reported, one of the reasons for the decline in banana consumption was their discrediting in Uzbekistan amid rumors that the coronavirus is transmitted with bananas and that they are supplied from China. Both, of course, are not true.

The second reason for the decline in banana consumption in Uzbekistan is the disruption of supply chains during quarantine, which led to a decrease in banana imports.

Uzbekistan already consumes very few bananas compared to other countries of the world. However, it turns out that bananas are the best selling fruit in supermarket chains in Uzbekistan.


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