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Uzbekistan prepares to import lemons to meet high demand

The cultivation of lemons in the Republic of Uzbekistan has become widespread. According to Uza.uz, prices in the domestic market have increased significantly due to an increase in demand for lemons during the quarantine. It is possible to increase the supply of lemons and reduce prices by importing these citrus fruits.

According to Durdona Ochilova, the press secretary of the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate under the Cabinet of Ministers, there is permission to import all high-demand products that are not grown in Uzbekistan. Even though lemons are grown in the country, they are not enough to meet domestic demand: the population’s annual demand for lemons is 125,000 tons and 30,000 tons are grown in Uzbekistan. With this in mind, the relevant authorities can issue a permit for the imports of lemons in May, June, and August.

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Durdona Ochilova clarifies that for imports, the authorized plant quarantine body of the exporting country must provide a phytosanitary certificate for its product. On the basis of this certificate, an electronic application is submitted. Previously, such applications were considered within 30 days, but now the Uzgoskarantin Inspectorate will issue a quarantined pass in three days time.

Last year, EastFruit analyzed how Uzbekistan can strengthen its position among the world leaders in fruit exports. The conclusion of our specialists was the improved quality and safety of products; a modernized set of varieties; and improved approaches to storage, cooling, processing, and packaging. These would allow Uzbekistan to solve one of its main problems, which is a high level of dependence on product supplies to Russia.


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