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Uzbekistan increases exports of cherries to South Korea in 2021

According to EastFruit analysts, Uzbekistan increased its exports of fresh cherries to South Korea by 65% in 2021. However, the volume remained relatively low – Uzbek exporters collected only 206 tonnes of cherries meeting the requirements of fruit importers from South Korea throughout the season. This is half the record volume of supplies recorded in 2017, when Uzbekistan exported more than 400 tonnes of cherries to South Korea.

For comparison: the United States exported about 12 thousand tonnes of cherries to the South Korean market, despite Uzbek cherries being very cheap, and on the contrary, American ones were quite expensive this year. At the same time, the seasons of harvesting and selling cherries in Uzbekistan and the United States overlap. Uzbek cherries, even taking into account delivery to South Korea, were sold in 2021 on average twice as cheap as cherries from the United States.

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By the way, Uzbekistan exported 24.5 thousand tonnes of cherries to Russia in 2021, 3-4 times per kilogram cheaper than when exporting cherries to South Korea. Obviously, the problem is the shortage of large-sized cherries and the necessary quality parameters in Uzbekistan.

Detailed information on how to create a superintensive orchard of large cherries with the possibility of exporting at the highest price to China and South Korea is available in this material. You can also watch a video of the presentation of the representative of the Holland Rosetta company Valery Lyashinsky on the issue there. EastFruit has also made two interesting videos comparing the intensive orchards with hydro-curing and modern sorting and packaging of cherries and traditional but outdated technologies for growing, harvesting, sorting and marketing cherries in Uzbekistan.

It is obvious now that the global market needs large-sized cherries grown with the most modern technologies – their production allows to earn more. The demand for traditional cherries is falling, and they can only be sold at sharply reduced prices, as it happened in 2021.


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