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Uzbekistan expands the geography of exports of its famous melon to EU countries

According to EastFruit analysts, Uzbekistan’s fruit exporters continued to expand the geography of melon exports in 2021. However, Uzbekistan did not manage to stay on all the markets.

In 2021, Uzbek melon was first exported to EU countries such as Sweden and Greece. One shipment was made to Greece, while several wholesale batches of melons were delivered to Sweden.

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Fruit exporters of Uzbekistan increased the exports of melons to such countries as Latvia (by 13%), Germany (160%) and Ukraine (by 40%). But exports of melons to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova decreased in 2021. Supplies to Lithuania and the Czech Republic also dropped sharply. Not a single batch of melons was delivered in 2021 to the UK, the melon market of which Uzbekistan managed to enter in 2020.

The five largest importers of melons from Uzbekistan provided 96% of all exports: Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Germany. They bought over 1 000 tonnes of melons from Uzbekistan each.

Recall that the export of Uzbek melon has grown sharply in 2020. An increase in the export volume of Uzbek melon was expected in 2021, but sharp price fluctuations in its market and a decrease in supplies to traditional sales markets did not allow these


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