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Uzbekistan: apricots of a new crop fell in price by more than 3 times in one week

Fresh apricots of a new crop became available in supermarkets in the capital of Uzbekistan at the beginning of the second decade of April and have fallen in price by more than 3 times over this time, EastFruit experts report.

On April 11, 2023, the Korzinka and Makro supermarket chains announced the start of sales of a new crop of apricots in stores in Uzbekistan’s capital. The retail price for this fruit ranged from 10 990 to 11 990 UZS per 100 grams, and per 1 kg – from 109 900 to 119 900 UZS/kg (from $9.6 to $10.5).

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However, retail prices for new crop apricots fell by an average of 3.3 times after a little over one week: as of April 19, 2023, they were sold in Korzinka stores at a retail price of 34 990 UZS/kg ($3.1), at least in those supermarkets visited by EastFruit specialists.

It should be noted that a new crop of apricots became available in the stores of Korzinka and Makro chains in mid-April 2022 at retail prices of 19 990 to 22 999 per 100 grams, i.e. from 199 900 to 229 900 UZS/kg (from $17.7 to $20.3).

Thus, the new harvest apricots became available in retail sales about 4 days earlier this season, the starting price being almost 2 times lower than in 2022.


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