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Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan import record volumes of Ukrainian apples

According to EastFruit analysts, Uzbekistan unexpectedly became one of the most attractive apple markets for exporters and growers from Ukraine in the 2021/22 season. This is partly due to the fact that market participants have quality market information provided by our team. In particular, we often drew attention to the possibility of supplying apples to Uzbekistan this season and analyzed in detail the reasons for the high prices for apples there, which provoked the first increase in interest in the sexport of Ukrainian and Moldovan apples to this country.

By the way, each market participant can compare wholesale prices for apples in nine countries of the region (Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Poland, Georgia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Georgia and Russia) free of charge in the “price monitoring” section of the portal. This is one of the most popular sections on our website.

However, let’s return to the apple market – prices are abnormally high this season in Uzbekistan. For example, such a popular variety as “Golden Delicious” in Uzbekistan has become a real “golden apple” – they cost an average of 6.5 times more than in Ukraine! A similar price difference is observed for other popular varieties.

It is not surprising that with such a significant difference in price, Ukrainian exporters send about 150-200 tonnes of fresh apples to Uzbekistan monthly. By the end of December 2021, more than 460 tonnes of new harvest apples have already been delivered to Uzbekistan. This allowed Uzbekistan to enter the Top-10 most important sales markets for Ukrainian apples this season.

Although apple prices in Uzbekistan are abnormally high, a high level of apple prices is also observed in other countries of the region. In particular, quality apples are quite expensive in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We wrote that apples from Ukraine and Moldova are sold well in Tajikistan. Kazakhstan has also already imported almost 200 tonnes of fresh apples from Ukraine in the first months of the 2021/22 season. As a result, Kazakhstan is the 17th among the largest importing countries of Ukrainian apples.


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