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Ukrainian producers of greenhouse cucumbers kickoff season with prices declining

Greenhouse cucumber prices on the Ukrainian market began to decline, according to analysts of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project. Market operators attribute this situation to an increase in the cucumber supply of the new season from local farms. According to APK-Inform, nearly all greenhouses in Ukraine have started selling cucumbers as of the end of last week.

As a result of these price adjustments, sales of cucumbers with spines were in the range of 75-83 UAH/kg ($2.69-2.98/kg) last weekend, which is on average 10% cheaper than the week before.

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Representatives from greenhouses reported that they expected a sharper price decline in this segment due to a voluminous increase in this season’s supply of cucumbers. However, given the heavy snowfalls and low temperatures that have persisted for a week throughout Ukraine, the yields were not as large as anticipated making it possible to avoid a sharper reduction in the price of this product.

Despite the reduction, greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine still cost 21% more on average than in the same period last year. Greenhouse representatives do not exclude the possibility of a further reduction in the price of this new season’s cucumbers as the supply of this product increases.


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