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Ukrainian plum growers ship the first batches twice cheaper than last year

Ukrainian growers have just started peak sales of plums this week, however, the price is at least half as low as last year, EastFruit project analysts report. According to key market players, plum is currently the cheapest seasonal fruit in Ukraine.

Today, producers offer high-quality plums at 10-20 UAH/kg ($0.27-0.55/kg), and the price for substandard plums starts from 7 UAH/kg ($0.19/kg). It should be reminded that last year the season of sales of plums also began at the end of July, but the producers did not sell cheaper than 28 UAH/kg ($0.77/kg) at that time. Meanwhile, demand for plums is currently quite low, which puts additional pressure on prices.

Ukrainian growers are worried – the price of plums has already fallen below the cost level, and this is only the beginning of the sales season. For comparison: a year ago, plums in Ukraine were sold on average 2.2 times more expensive than today. At the same time, growers do not exclude that as harvesting robots advance in orchards, they will be forced to further reduce selling prices.


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