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Ukrainian growers raise prices for table beets despite low demand

Despite the consistently low demand for table beets, Ukrainian growers are starting to increase their prices, analysts of the EastFruit project report. Most growers say the main reason for the rise in the price of beets is the limited supply on the market, as well as a decrease in the gross harvest of the crop in the current season.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, since the beginning of this week alone, the price of table beets on the Ukrainian market has risen by an average of 17%. As a result, today, the main transactions for the sale of beets are concluded at 6-8 UAH/kg ($0.23-0.31/kg), depending on the quality, batch size and region.

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At the same time, most representatives of wholesale companies and retail chains are in no hurry to buy beets at such prices. Today there are almost no active sales in this segment and the market is in stagnation. But Ukrainian growers are not going to revise prices downward, preferring to refrain from selling, and the bulk of the volume is stored. Thus, Ukrainian growers offer table beets on average 2.2 times more expensive than in the same period last year.

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