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Ukrainian greenhouses may suspend production

Low prices for greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes and a significant rise in the cost of fuel and fertilizers make growing vegetables economically unprofitable. 30-40% of greenhouses in the Kamensko-Dniprovskiy district of the Zaporizhzhia region (Ukraine) canceled the second production cycle this year. Greenhouses may be abandoned or closed next year.

Andriy Chorniy, the head of Agrokoin LLC, writes about this in his column on AgroTimes.

According to him, for example, wholesalers bought cucumbers almost at production cost – 5-10 UAH/kg ($0.19 – 0.38), whereas the profit of greenhouses starts from the price of 15 UAH/kg ($0.57).

“As a result, most farms like ours worked at zero or close to zero. Moreover, 30-40% of greenhouses, taking into account the costs and profits, did not plant anything for the second cycle” the farmer notes.

He adds that the price of pellets for heating greenhouses has tripled recently, and prices for film have gone up. Fertilizers have risen in price by more than half.

“I don’t know what to expect next year when, due to the high gas price, the cost of fertilizers will be sky-high,” Andriy Chorniy says. – That is, the forecasts are pessimistic. The greenhouses will either be abandoned or closed.”


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