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Ukrainian gardeners have started harvesting apples of Gala variety

Analysts at the EastFruit project reported that this week, Ukrainian gardeners began harvesting the first Gala apples in the country’s southern regions. It is worth noting that Gala variety is the earliest of the so-called “autumn varieties” of apples that can be stored.

It should be noted that the beginning of the sale of the first batches of Gala apples this year began on average a week later. Gardeners explain this situation with a rather cold and protracted spring. At the moment, Gala apples are sold in small batches for 10-16 UAH / kg ($0.37-0.59 / kg), which is, on average, 22% more expensive than the first batches of these fruits last year.

However, at the same time, if Ukrainian gardeners currently had sufficient volumes of apples of this variety, then the price for them could be several times higher. Ukrainian wholesale companies and retail chains are ready to buy Gala apples at a reasonably high price, but unfortunately, at the moment, they cannot find the required volumes of this product.

Ukrainian gardeners are planning to enter the market with Gala apples more massively from next week.


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