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Ukraine was one of the top three importers of Turkish oranges in 2020

Exports of oranges from Turkey in 2020 increased by 41% to $129 million as compared to 2019, which was worth over $91 million abroad. Turkey exported oranges to 60 countries in 2020 and the top three importing countries of Turkish oranges were Russia at $63.4 million, Iraq at $19.1 million, and Ukraine at $15.3 million.

“The surge in demand for citrus fruits is largely due to the pandemic. Exports of citrus fruits in general in 2020 amounted to $933 million of which $347 million were mandarins,” said Hayrettin Uchak, the head of the Association of Exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of the Aegean Region of Turkey, to the Anadolu Agency.

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“Citrus fruits from Turkey are mainly imported by Russia. Yet, we need to find new markets and get rid of the dependence on the single market. There are no trade fairs due to the pandemic. With the opening of fairs, we will create alternative markets with individual countries by contacting them directly,” said the head of the association.

Mr Uchak noted that they plan to increase citrus exports to $950 million barring any changes in climatic conditions. He added that the domestic demand for oranges is also very high.


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