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Ukraine: prices for imported cucumbers rise amid rapid decline in local production

To date, the greenhouse cucumber market in Ukraine is made up of imported products from Turkey, reports analysts of the EastFruit project. According to market operators, this situation is quite traditional for the Ukrainian market this time of year. Ukrainian greenhouse plants do not supply local cucumbers to the market at this time due to the fact that the current turnover of this crop has come to an end.

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Despite the fact that the supply of these products from Turkey continues to increase, according to market participants, the supply of greenhouse cucumbers is still quite limited, which, in conditions of stable demand, allows traders to further increase the price of imported products.

Today, the Turkish cucumber goes on sale at 30-35 UAH/kg ($1.05-1.23/kg), which is on average 15% more expensive than at the end of the last working week.

As a result, today’s prices for imported cucumbers in Ukraine are already on average 16% higher than in the same period last year. Market players do not exclude that in the near future the supply of imported cucumbers produced in Turkey may significantly increase on the market, which will somewhat slow down the price growth in this segment.


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