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Ukraine imports onions from Kyrgyzstan, India and China

According to EastFruit analysts, Ukraine received the first large batch of onions from Kyrgyzstan this week. According to preliminary estimates, the volume of the imported batch of onions is estimated at almost 150 tonnes.

The supply of onions from Kyrgyzstan became possible due to the early lifting of the ban on onion exports in early March 2023. At that time, wholesale prices for high-quality onions in the country reached $0.45-0.50/kg, and in Ukraine, wholesale prices exceeded $1.2/kg. Therefore, expensive logistics were not an obstacle to deliveries.

Two weeks later, Uzbekistan also lifted restrictions on the export of onions, but not a single shipment of onions from Uzbekistan has been delivered to Ukraine so far.

Interestingly, onion imports from Central Asia coincided with the onset of a wave of onion price declines. However, prices for onions in Ukraine are still relatively high and stimulate imports. It is not surprising that many countries are now trying to supply onions to Ukraine.

In the first days of April, Ukraine received large volumes of imported onions from 9 countries. In addition to above-mentioned Kyrgyzstan, onions were also exported to Ukraine by Egypt, India, China, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, France, and Poland.

It should also be noted that Ukraine has been regularly importing onions from Kyrgyzstan in recent years. The largest volume of Kyrgyz onions was imported to Ukraine in 2019 – 3 300 tonnes.

Kyrgyzstan is not a major exporter of onions. It exports from 6 000 to 19 000 tonnes of onions annually, mainly to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.


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