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Ukraine continues to export potatoes to Belarus, and the price gap continues to grow!

According to EastFruit analysts, the attractiveness of exporting potatoes from Ukraine to the Belarusian market continues to grow, and its export shipments continue. Let’s remind that Belarus for the first time in history conducts massive imports of potatoes for the needs of the domestic market during the harvest.

During the past four weeks, the difference in wholesale prices for potatoes on the domestic market of Belarus and Ukraine has doubled, making export even more profitable. Prices for potatoes on the Ukrainian market have not changed since July, frozen at around $0.22 USD per kg, while in Belarus the price level has already reached $0.36 USD per kg. Thus, at the moment, Belarusian consumers pay exactly twice as much for 1 kg of potatoes as at the same time in 2020.

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However, there is another factor that stimulates the supply of potatoes from Ukraine to Belarus – this is the growing demand and prices for potatoes in the Russian market. During the past four weeks, prices for potatoes in Russia have increased by 42%, and the difference in prices between the markets of Ukraine and the Russian Federation already exceeds 100%. Thus, in Ukraine, potatoes are now twice as cheap as in Russia. In Belarus, potatoes are also sold cheaper than in Russia, therefore, despite the ongoing import, Belarus at the same time exports potatoes to the Russian market.

Even more interesting is the extremely low level of prices for potatoes in Moldova, which usually imported them from Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. In the same year, supplies go in the opposite direction, although they are not very massive since there are certain problems with the quality of potatoes in Moldova. However, the fact remains – Moldova exports potatoes to Belarus and even Russia in the fall of 2021.



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