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Ukraine and Serbia exported a record volume of apples to Bahrain in 2021

Bahrain’s fresh apple market is often underestimated by many participants in the fruit and vegetable trade, according to EastFruit analysts.

This small island state located in the Persian Gulf imports about 11 thousand tonnes of apples annually. However, it is not the volume of imports that is impressive, but the high price that local importers pay for fresh apples. The average import price for apples in Bahrain is almost twice as high as in Russia. Therefore, Bahrain is definitely of interest to countries supplying high or premium quality apples.

In this regard, it is notable that Ukraine increased the supply of apples to the Bahrain market in 2021 by 4 times compared to 2020. Although the volume of exports was relatively small – only 140 tonnes, it allowed Ukraine to bypass Poland in this market, which exported 124 tonnes to Bahrain in a year.

Serbia has made the greatest progress in the Bahrain apple market. Serbia exported 839 tonnes of fresh apples to Bahrain in 2021 and became one of the six largest supplying countries. Ukraine ranked 15th among the largest exporters. Only Chile, Italy, South Africa, Iran and China remained ahead of Serbia. By the way, China and South Africa reduced the supply of apples to Bahrain in 2021, Italy – increased by 15%, and Iran increased by 67%. Serbia increased the export of apples to Bahrain by 12 times in a year!

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Notably, there are all global leaders among the key apple suppliers to the market of Bahrain: in addition to the aforementioned countries, New Zealand, the USA, Turkey, France and even Spain export large volumes of apples to Bahrain. Therefore, progress of apple exporters from Ukraine and especially Serbia in this market is very indicative.

You can watch how countries fought for leadership in the global apple market in our video.


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