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Tomatoes from Turkmenistan, cucumbers from Iran – imported greenhouse vegetables dominate in Tajikistan

According to EastFruit analysts, imported greenhouse vegetables dominate in the market of Tajikistan now. Mainly imported tomatoes from Turkmenistan are sold in the segment of greenhouse tomatoes. Greenhouse cucumbers in the wholesale markets of Tajikistan mostly come from Iran.

Turkmenistan first supplied greenhouse tomatoes to the Tajik market in 2020, and now it has firmly established itself as the leader in exports, ahead of neighboring Uzbekistan, which was previously the undisputed leader in terms of exports of greenhouse tomatoes to the Tajik market. By the way, Turkmenistan is catching up with suppliers from Uzbekistan in the market of greenhouse tomatoes in Russia. Thanks to access to cheap gas for heating greenhouses, local producers are actively increasing their capacity for the production of greenhouse vegetables and their exports. At the same time, this is an issue in Uzbekistan.

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Iran reduced the exports of greenhouse cucumbers quite sharply in 2021. It is also interesting to note that Iran’s trade statistics do not contain information on the supply of cucumbers to the Tajik market. Therefore, it is possible that this is re-export, given the difficult relations between the countries. Iran traditionally supplies quite large volumes of greenhouse cucumbers to Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and even Turkmenistan.

It is still difficult for greenhouse growers in Tajikistan to compete with high-quality and cheap imported products, as they do not yet have any advantages in terms of energy prices and production technologies.


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