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Tomato supply in southern Ukraine reduced sharply while prices increased

According to EastFruit analysts, this week there is a decrease in the supply of greenhouse tomatoes in the southern regions of Ukraine. At the same time, the demand for them remains high, which provokes a rise in prices.

The pink tomato is in high demand, which is now sold for up to 35 UAH / kg ($ 1.3 per kg) in small wholesale. For an ordinary red round tomato as the cheapest position among tomatoes for the fresh market, the price is 27-30 UAH / kg ($ 1.0-1.1). Yellow tomatoes are bought at about the same price as pink ones and even a little cheaper, and cherry tomatoes, on average, cost 45-50 UAH / kg ($ 1.6-1.8).

It is worth noting that a ground tomato is already sold on the market, but its prices are much lower. Wholesale buyers have little interest in ground tomatoes as they understand that the risk of spoilage is much higher. Therefore, prices for ground tomato are, on average, two times lower than for greenhouse products. Besides, there are “salad tomato” for the fresh market and a “plum” tomato for conservation. Prices for both of these varieties are approximately the same.

Thus, prices for tomatoes in Ukraine in the middle of summer remain relatively high. Besides, they are higher than in other countries of the region, except Russia.


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