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The volume of apple exports from Moldova in 2021 may exceed the level of 2020

According to the Association “Moldova Fruct”, more than 190 thousand tonnes of apples were exported from Moldova in 11 months of this year, including 90 thousand tonnes of the 2021 harvest. The organization’s experts note that the rate of apple exports in November has slightly decreased compared to October (almost 23 thousand tonnes). Nevertheless, the total volume of November exports is likely to exceed 20 thousand tonnes. Judging by the market dynamics of the last three years, apple exports in December usually exceed the November level. If the trend continues in December this year, then it can be assumed that apple exports will amount to about 210-215 thousand tonnes by the end of 2021 (in 2020 – 208 thousand tonnes).

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The operators of the Moldovan fruit market also tend to believe that the initial forecast of 2021 apple harvest (600 thousand tonnes) should be adjusted upward – up to 610-620 thousand tonnes. Taking into account the projected volume of apple exports of the new harvest by the end of this year (110-115 thousand tonnes), and the quite realistic plans of apple juice concentrate producers to process about 250-300 thousand tonnes of industrial apples, Moldova Fruct experts believe that about 200-230 thousand tonnes of apples will remain stored at the beginning of next year.

Despite the rather active exports of apples of the 2021 harvest in the fall, the stored volumes are still large. In a sense, this is a risk factor, given that growers and traders had to sell about 40 thousand tonnes of apples for processing in spring and early summer of this year.


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