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The season of local tomatoes in Poland started a month late

Mass sales of tomatoes from local greenhouses have started on the Polish wholesale market this week. At the same time, the season of local greenhouse tomatoes this year began with a delay of a month, EastFruit project analysts report with reference to the Fresh-market website.

The first batches of Polish greenhouse tomatoes became available on the market on the 20th of February last year, and the price started from 20 PLN/kg ($4.59/kg). This season, the first batches of red tomatoes from local greenhouse complexes became available on the market only last week, and their price was announced at the level of 25 PLN/kg ($5.74/kg). As of 22 March, the price of greenhouse tomatoes has decreased by an average of 13%, but on an annualized basis, they are now about 38% more expensive than a year ago.

Huge increases in the cost of producing greenhouse vegetables and issues with access to fuel have caused massive delays in the start of the production season and it has influenced the current supply of local tomatoes. In addition, prices for most imported tomatoes remain very high, which is also due to supply problems in the main supplier countries – mainly in Spain, but also in Turkey (which banned the export of tomatoes, but lifted the ban in a few days) and Morocco.


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