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The prices for cucumbers in Ukraine increased due to cold and rainy weather

This week, prices for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine rose sharply, analysts of the EastFruit project report . According to the daily monitoring of the project, due to the rainy and cold weather, cucumber deliveries from Ukrainian farms of all categories have significantly decreased. At the same time, the supply of open-field vegetables fell to a minimum this week, as most producers have actually finished the sale of open-ground cucumbers.

As a result, today there is a shortage of cucumbers on the market of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the demand for cucumber remains quite high. In the current conditions the greenhouses were able to raise the price of their products and greenhouse cucumbers are now offered for at UAH 35-45/kg ($0.96-1.23/kg), which is on average 34% more expensive than a week earlier.

As the growers themselves note, the increase in prices is caused primarily by increased demand against the background of a reduction in the supply of greenhouse cucumbers. Thus, the decrease in average daily temperatures and the shortening of daylight had a detrimental effect on the ripening of greenhouse products, as a result the deliveries from greenhouses were reduced.

Let’s add that now a cucumber in Ukrainian greenhouse plants costs on average 3 times more than a year ago. At the same time, market players do not rule out the possibility of further price increases in this segment. Because today the offer of greenhouse cucumber on the Ukrainian market is very limited.


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