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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova plans to fully digitalize economic activity in two years

Digitization of several bureaucratic processes in the agro-industrial complex is planned in the coming years in Moldova. Thus, a lot of the paperwork that farmers take when reporting on the plots they cultivate can be done online. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Bolea, at a press conference.

“You know that we are working a lot on digitalization, on reducing the bureaucracy and paperwork that farmers face when submitting their dossiers and reporting on the plots on which they work. These things can only be done with the help of digitalization, electronic maps, and registers. We have launched the process. I believe that we will complete it in 2023 and 2024, two years from now. A unified register of economic agents in agriculture will be created, especially after we finish the registration of economic agents,” said Vladimir Bolya.

The Minister of Agriculture noted that additional efforts will be made to create new facilities in subsidizing according to the needs of farmers in 2023, Radiomoldova.md reports. Also, work will be intensified to limit the activities of household farms, change the taxation system, increase cooperation between farmers, develop electronic registers and reduce bureaucracy in the economic activities of agricultural enterprises.


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