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The flat peach has become a premium and quite widespread fruit

The popularity of flat peaches has significantly increased over the years, despite initial perceptions of the fruit as unattractive and misshapen, says Aysel Oguz, Commercial Manager for Turkish fresh produce grower and exporter Anadolu Etap. “Typically, the stone fruit season, including flat peaches, begins in southern regions of Türkiye such as Tarsus, Mersin, and Adana. Reflecting on the early days of flat peach cultivation in the area, I recall a time when people considered the fruit to be shapeless and unattractive. Today, however, it has become a premium product with widespread popularity. The flat peach is favoured for its excellent taste, aroma, and high sugar content, in addition to being easy to eat.”

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According FreshPlaza, Oguz highlights the role of social media in boosting the demand for flat peaches: “The demand for this fruit has grown over the years. Previously, we shipped them in mixed loads with only a few pallets and minimal air shipments. Nowadays, we receive orders for full truckloads. In some countries, the impact of social media should not be underestimated. For instance, in Malaysia, influencers posted videos about the fruit’s taste, which went viral and significantly boosted its popularity.”

This season, Anadolu Etap focuses on exporting flat peaches to two continents: “Our primary goal is to airship to Asia, but the EU remains our main market. As a company, we strive to extend the season by planting early and late varieties to ensure a consistent supply. Despite our best efforts to protect the farms, climate change continues to pose a significant challenge.”

Although the stone fruit season is concluding in one Turkish region, Oguz is confident about continuing supply: “The season in the southern region is wrapping up, but we are pleased to announce that our farms in the northern part will ensure ongoing supply. We recommend staying tuned for even better and more abundant fruit to come!” she concludes.


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