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The first online bazaar opened in Georgia

The first Georgian online bazaar opened in December and now everyone will be able to buy agricultural products without intermediaries.

Ebazaar.ge is the first Georgian online platform allowing users to easily purchase healthy, environmentally friendly, high-quality agricultural products directly from the grower.

“Online shopping in Georgia is gaining momentum, and the pandemic has given a significant impetus to the development of this direction. For the last five years I have been developing e-commerce in Georgia and therefore I can compare the situation before and after. Before the pandemic, online shopping developed poorly, but during the first lockdowns, people even ordered mineral water online” Tamar Buadze, co-founder of ebazaar.ge, commented in an exclusive interview with EastFruit.

According to her, the Georgian consumer is more inclined to make small purchases online – the average bill is still $10, while standardized goods such as electronics are most often purchased. “Despite the modest average bill, you need to understand that there are 1.1 million registered households in Tbilisi that buy food every day, and fruits and vegetables are an integral part of Georgian cuisine,” Ms Buadze explains.

“Our platform will help both consumers and growers get closer to each other. This is a classic marketplace where farmers can register freely, place products on electronic stalls and sell them directly to end consumers.”

The goal of the project is to make Georgian agricultural products more accessible through modern technologies, as well as to support local farmers.

“In addition to fruits and vegetables, we offer authentic products from different regions of the country, which often cannot reach the supermarket due to limited production. Now consumers will be able to receive such products with home delivery,” says Tamar Buadze. The high quality of products is controlled by the so-called “consuls”, who work on the farms and help farmers register at the platform, as well as control the quality and organize logistics. A client can leave a review on the taste of the product on the website for each farmer.

ebazaar.ge is a unique business model that does not sell its own products, but offers producers a convenient sales service. A farmer can place an offer himself, set a price, manage stocks and be fully involved in the trading process without an intermediary.

The task of the project is to provide farmers and consumers with a convenient payment service and automatic traceability of the product from the moment of ordering until the product reaches the end consumer.

The company also offers flexible payment terms, when the money is debited from the client’s account upon receipt of the order, and not at the time of ordering, and goes to the farmer’s bank account. Taking into account regional peculiarities and as a matter of convenience, payment is possible both in cash and by bank transfer.

So far, at the platform, you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the regions of Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli only in Tbilisi, but next year the company is going to expand deliveries from other regions to large cities – Kutaisi, Batumi.


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