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The first batch of Ukrainian blueberries delivered to Uzbekistan

In July 2021, Ukrainian blueberries were exported to Uzbekistan for the first time. Organic blueberries of TM BigBlue, grown in a cooperative in the Kyiv region, were sent for export, SEEDS reports.

Ukrainian blueberries are delivered from Kyiv to Tashkent by air. The first batch of berries shipped on July 4 was 400 kilograms. Prior to this, not a single Ukrainian producer had exported berries to Uzbekistan. The strategic goal of the company is to start selling its products in China.

It should be noted that blueberries are exported to other countries. For example, since 2019, Ukrainian blueberries have been exported to the United Arab Emirates. Besides the UAE, the main export destinations are now Hong Kong and Malaysia. However, producers are not actively exporting to foreign markets now, since blueberry price is higher in Ukraine.

Recently, a cooperative producing berries under the TM BigBlue has set a record. The farm has grown the largest blueberry with a diameter of 3.05 cm and weighing 9 grams. Achievement was recorded in the Ukrainian Book of Records.

According to one of the owners of the farm, Oleg Naumenko, such achievements help to attract attention and promote Ukrainian producers.

“If we surprise buyers in Ukraine, the foreign market will also notice it. Our achievements are closely watched in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. This raises attention to Ukraine and to our agricultural organic products,” the entrepreneur says.


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