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The exports of Moldovan apples in December were lower than it was forecasted

According to the organizations of agricultural producers of Moldova, based on the operational data of the customs service, about 8 000 tonnes of apples were exported from the country in December 2022. This is only 1 000 tonnes more than the exports in November and significantly less than the forecast of December exports by experts of fruit growers associations – about 10 000-12 000 tonnes. Apple exports from Moldova in December 2021 reached 19 000 tonnes, and 8 000 tonnes were exported in December of a dry and lean 2020.

About 2/3, i.e. almost 5 000 tonnes of exported apples from Moldova last month were delivered to the CIS markets. Nevertheless, two other important facts are noteworthy. First, the exports of apples in containers by sea amounted to about 1 000 tonnes, which is several times more than in December last year. If this monthly rate of sea deliveries continues in the marketing year, apple exports by sea will reach a record volume.

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The second positive fact is the growing supply of Moldovan apples to Romania. The exports of apples from Moldova to the Romanian market amounted to 600 tonnes in November and 800 tonnes in December, which is close to the spring level of last year (a period of high seasonal sales).

Despite the low level of December exports, the commercial prospects for the 2022 apple harvest do not cause great concern among Moldovan traders.


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