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The collapse of wholesale prices for blueberries started in Ukraine

The Ukrainian team of EastFruit reports that a sharp decline in wholesale prices for blueberries was observed in the wholesale markets of Ukraine on Saturday morning. The barrier of 200 UAH/kg ($ 7.3 US dollars per kg) was overcome at the beginning of night trading, and then buyers, feeling that supply exceeds demand, began to bargain and reduce prices. This happened despite the fact that the wholesale prices for blueberries did not fall below 220 UAH/kg ($ 8.1) on Friday.

Interestingly, by the end of the trade, residual, small batches of blueberries were sold even at 100 UAH/kg ($ 3.7). The price level should not necessarily be judged by it, but rather large volumes of Ukrainian blueberries were sold in the morning of July 10 at prices close to UAH 150-160/kg ($ 5.5-5.9).

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This price level should not horrify growers, as it was exactly the same on the same dates in 2019. However, on July 10 last year blueberries costed 280 UAH/kg average in wholesale. Wholesale prices for blueberries in 2020 did not fall below 150 UAH/kg in Ukraine, but the supply was very limited then due to significant losses from frost. This year, many plantations began to bear fruit, and there was less damage from frost. In addition, the season is greatly delayed, which means that a lot of blueberries will become available on the market almost simultaneously.

According to our forecasts, today blueberry prices may begin to decline rapidly, and they may fall below the level in 2019. The wholesale prices for blueberries fell below 100 UAH/kg in the first week of August 2019.

Consistent exports of fresh Ukrainian blueberries could save the situation, but only a few Ukrainian companies can go for direct exports, and there is no cooperation among the growers in exporting blueberries.

However, in order to export blueberries, Ukraine has to offer them at a significantly lower price. In Poland, the average wholesale price for fresh blueberries is currently around US $ 6.5/kg and is rapidly declining. Besides, Poland is closer to the blueberry sales markets and is a member of the European Union. In Georgia, where the blueberry season is coming to an end, blueberries can be bought at $ 4.8 per kg and even cheaper.

For comparison, wholesale prices for high-quality blueberries in Poland dropped to $ 2.7 per kg in the summer of 2019.


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