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The cabbage prices in Russia are still increasing

According to the data of EastFruit daily monitoring, the rush demand for cabbage, which has remained on the Russian market for the third week in a row, stimulates further price increases in this segment. The reason for the rise in prices this week was the reduction in the supply of high-quality cabbage on the market, which, in turn, is a consequence of the restraint of sales by Russian growers. Farmers have almost sold out stocks of substandard, slightly frozen cabbage, and growers prefer to keep quality goods in storage until at least mid-January.

Under these conditions, those cabbage growers who are currently selling, have the opportunity to once again increase the prices. Today they are ready to ship white cabbage at 36-48 RUB/kg ($0.49-0.65/kg), which is on average 13% more expensive than last week.

Suppliers are trying to compensate for the deficit of cabbage in the Russian market by supplying it from Iran at a price around 37 RUB/kg ($0.50/kg) average. However, buyers are often unhappy with the quality of imported cabbage.

It should be noted that the price of cabbage in Russian farms is already on average 4.4 times higher now than at the end of 2020. For comparison: as a rule, Russian growers could not sell cabbage at more than 13 RUB/kg ($0.18/kg) in the same period last year.



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