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Tajik producer plans vineyard expansion to 150 hectares, focus on future exports

Farmers of the joint-stock company Moscow in the Hamadoni district of Tajikistan have started laying new vineyards on an area of ​​10 hectares.

High-yielding grape varieties Shokhona, Pobeda, Husaini White, and Husaini Black will be planted on this land. The company entered into an agreement with the nursery in the city of Tursunzade for the supply of high-quality grape seedlings. The company planted a new vineyard on 10 hectares and renewed vineyards on another 28 hectares with the help of this nursery last year.

This year, the shareholders plan to increase the total area of ​​their vineyards to 80 hectares and in the near future to 150 hectares.

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This joint-stock company operates on lands previously belonging to the state farm Chubek; therefore, local farmers have extensive experience in the production of grapes on an industrial scale. The climate and the soil of this region contribute to the cultivation of grapes here in large volumes.

There are a total of 13,300 hectares of sown areas in the region of which orchards and vineyards occupy 1,176 hectares. In the last two years of the Hamadoni region alone, according to the district’s agriculture department, 46 hectares of old vineyards have been replaced with young, high-yielding grape varieties of  Shokhona, Pobeda, Husaini White, Husaini Black, and Dili Kaftar.

Many farmers here focus on the production of grapes for further exports.


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