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Table grapes of “Moldova” variety become niche grapes on the Moldovan market in the spring

According to the EastFruit monitoring, wholesale prices for Moldova table grapes on the market increased up to 14-15 MDL/kg ($0.76-0.81 /kg) in the first half of March, by an average of 1-2 MDL/kg compared to the February level. This is about 15-17% higher than in the same period last year, but 12-13% lower than the March price in 2020.

Fruit market participants note that the leftover stock of Moldova grapes from the 2021 harvest (about 7 000 tonnes, according to expert estimates) was surprisingly well preserved in the refrigerators of viticulture and trading enterprises by February. Some fairly large batches of grapes looked no worse than last autumn and were in good demand on the European market. Due to intensive exports, no more than 1 000-2 000 tonnes of grapes remained in fruit storages for trade in March.

At the same time, even the best “Moldova” is unlikely to be exported in large volumes. Berries retain a dense structure, but the branches of grape clusters have already darkened and dried up, which affects the attractiveness of the product for European consumers. At the same time, the spring “Moldova” has its own buyer in the domestic market. Grapes of this variety are moved from supermarkets, where they are replaced by fresher imported grapes, to markets, boutique-type shopping centers and are sold there at a relatively high “niche price” – up to 20-30 MDL/kg ($ 1.09 -1.63/kg).


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