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Supply disruptions led to higher prices for imported tomatoes in Ukraine

A noticeable increase in demand for greenhouse tomatoes in the Ukrainian market, as well as a significant reduction in their supply, stimulate another price increase in the segment, EastFruit project analysts report. Turkey is the main supplier of greenhouse products to the Ukrainian market at this time of the year, but the last few weeks have been marked by unfavorable weather, which led to a significant decrease in the supply of greenhouse vegetables to foreign markets.

As of January 27, 2023, imported tomatoes were sold at 65-73 UAH/kg ($1.78-2/kg), showing an increase of 10% in a week.

The main reason for the increase in prices, according to traders, is the fact that the supply of greenhouse tomatoes on the Ukrainian market has been reduced to a minimum. Most of the greenhouse enterprises have already completed the sale of vegetables from the previous turnover. At the same time, the demand remains consistently high, which is the main driver of price growth.

It should be noted that imported tomatoes on the Ukrainian market at the end of January 2023 were on average 1.5 times more expensive than at the end of January 2022. However, many market participants agree that this is a temporary phenomenon. They do not rule out that selling prices in the segment will start declining as early as mid-February after most Ukrainian greenhouse plants enter the market with a new turnover of greenhouse vegetables.


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