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Strong wind damages greenhouses in Moldova

Although, as EastFruit previously reported, a short-term cold snap at the end of March does not pose a big threat to fruit growing in Moldova, some cases of damage have been recorded. Among them is damage caused by a storm wind to several greenhouses where strawberries are grown.

The Association of Berry Producers Pomușoarele Moldovei notes that such cases are rare, and the damage can be repaired. Similar events regularly happen in the country. Moreover, the degree of damage usually depends on many random factors: the direction and strength of the wind, the height of the greenhouses and the strength of their materials, and much more. Unfortunately, given the increase in the cost of inputs for agricultural production, some greenhouse farmers save money on updating covering materials that are expiring.

The peculiarity of the current situation is that some greenhouses of the Criuleni region, the strawberries from which are the first to become available on the Moldovan market, have suffered. Even a short cold snap at the end of March will delay the time of the start of strawberry sales for at least a week.

This is not good for greenhouse farmers. In the Moldovan market, imported strawberries have been available in large volumes for the third week, and their prices are relatively low. Moldovan consumers are getting used to this price level. Moldovan berry farmers will be able to raise prices higher for their products only for a short period during the Easter week when the quality for many consumers means more than the price.


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