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Strong demand allowed Russian farmers to raise carrot prices

Russian farmers managed to increase selling prices for carrots this week, according to analysts of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project. Key market players commented that the rise in prices for carrots was provoked by a significant reduction in supply on the market due to freezing cold weather as well as problems with the transportation of this root crop due to snowdrifts. Market participants report a fairly high demand for carrots.

Daily monitoring shows carrots are on sale at 15-25 rubles/kg ($0.20-0.34/kg), which is on average 10% more expensive than a week earlier.

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Experts explain the increase in prices is due to many local producers are running out of high-quality carrot stocks, especially since the harvest was rather modest. Thus, the reduction in supply on the market against and high demand allowed farmers to increase prices for carrots. Local producers are confident that the price of carrots will continue to grow.

Project analysts note that the rise in prices for high-quality carrots in the Russian market could be more rapid. However, the presence of large volumes of products from Belarus on the market, which is offered at practically the same prices as carrots from local farms, prevents Russian farmers from increasing the price of products more intensively.

It should be added that today the price of carrots in Russia is on average 1.7 times higher than in the same period last year. In the near future, a number of farms are planning to make further attempts to establish a higher price level for this product.


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