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Russian greenhouses started selling new crop of cucumbers

Greenhouses in Russia have begun selling cucumbers of a new cycle, analysts of the EastFruit project report. According to the producers, greenhouse cucumbers are in rather high demand, but due to the limited supply, almost all of them are sold under contracts concluded earlier.

To date, local greenhouses offer cucumbers for sale at 185-260 RUB/kg ($2.44-3.43/kg), depending on the region and variety. It should be noted that producers ship cucumbers only in small wholesale or retail, considering that the supply is limited  . Producers are planning to enter the market with larger volumes of cucumbers from the new cycle next week, provided there are no severe frosts.

There are also imported cucumbers produced in Kazakhstan on the market. Imports are also quite small and unstable today. Selling prices for cucumbers from Kazakhstan are announced at the level of 170-180 RUB/kg ($2.24-2.37/kg).

The sales season for greenhouse cucumbers in the Russian Federation started approximately at the same time as in 2021. Selling prices for the first batches also correspond to the price level of the previous year. Most market players agree that as soon as greenhouse plants reach full capacity, prices for cucumbers will begin to decline.


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