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Russia strengthens control on the imports of tomatoes from Turkmenistan

The Rosselkhoznadzor warned the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan about the possible suspension of the imports of Turkmen tomatoes due to repeated cases of infection of these products with the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)

According to the correspondent of “KazakhZerno.kz”, the discussion of this aspect took place during a video conference of representatives of the competent services of the two countries.

As noted, the Russian side at the end of February wrote a letter to its Turkmen colleagues, insisting on  tougher inspections. In response, specialists from Turkmenistan reported that monitoring of greenhouse complexes on the territory of their country had been carried out. However, due to the lack of proper laboratory equipment, the examination was only visual. For this reason, the Rosselkhoznadzor invited colleagues from Turkmenistan to familiarize the republic’s specialists with the experience accumulated in the Russian Federation.

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The Turkmen side stressed that supervision over products exported to Russia has been strengthened. Thus, inspectors carry out pre-shipment control of plant products directly at supplier’s level.


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