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Red pepper jam and basil lemonade – FAO beneficiaries’ New Year’s Eve exhibition “Unique Georgian Taste” (photo)

More than 50 farmers from various regions of Georgia presented their products during the two-day exhibition and sale of agricultural products “Unique Georgian Taste”, held over the weekend in the center of Tbilisi, in one of the city gardens.

This is the sixth “Unique Georgian Taste” exhibition organized by the FAO in partnership with the “Traditional Market of Georgian Products” Stall and with the support of the European Union. The exhibition, held on the eve of the New Year holidays, included New Year-themed events, EastFruit reports.

All participants of the “Unique Georgian Taste” agricultural bazaar are beneficiaries of various FAO projects supported by the European Union, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the UN Women program. Farmers supported by UNIDO also participated in the December exhibition. Almost all participating farmers have received FAO training on product safety and business management.

Diverse products were presented: jams, sweets, various sauces and seasonings, dried fruits, tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy, and meat products. At the same time, the producers used both well-known in Georgia and abroad, and rare, typical only for specific regions of the country, recipes – one could find red pepper jam, candied fruits, various tklapi, churchkhelas made with various juices and toppings, drinks with herbs, etc. Organic farms also presented their products.

According to the FAO, the participants of the December exhibition and sale earned over 135 000 GEL ($51 000).

“It is noteworthy that business partnerships are being established between FAO beneficiaries and the HoReCa, retail, and export sectors at the “Unique Georgian Taste” agricultural market. Participants also establish ties with each other and start joint initiatives,” the FAO experts noted, adding that “within the framework of the “Unique Georgian Taste”, emphasis is made on strengthening women in the countryside. Women accounted for 58% of all participants in the December exhibition.”

FAO and EU project coordinator Javier Sanz Alvarez, speaking to the media during his visit to the exhibition and sale, expressed his hope that such events would help strengthen the presence of Georgian products both in local and international markets.

“Georgia is truly unique in its cultural heritage, and the diversity of its agricultural products confirms this. Thus, it became possible to create the “Unique Georgian Taste”, and there are many unique tastes in the regions of Georgia. Many participants in the agricultural market told us that they are building business relationships with the private sector and finding new consumers, and this is a great result. I hope this rise will continue, and the unique Georgian tastes will take their rightful place both in the domestic and international markets,” said Javier Sanz Alvarez.

Nino Tsilosani, chairman of the parliamentary committee on agrarian issues, who visited the exhibition, noted that such events contribute to the promotion of Georgian high-quality products.

“Georgian farmers can present their products of very good quality, produced to the highest standards (with the support of donor organizations), both to private entities and consumers. This, firstly, helps in the sale of these products, and, secondly, in their promotion. This component is of key importance, along with the assistance that comes from the state and donor organizations. This is the final stage of production, which encourages farmers and gives them motivation for improvement,” said Nino Tsilosani.

“Unique Georgian Taste” exhibitions and sales are organized by FAO with the support of the EU within the framework of the EU4Business initiative “EU Innovation Project for Private Sector Competitiveness in Georgia”. The initiative is aimed at supporting Georgian entrepreneurs in terms of improving the legal environment, access to finance, and deepening relations with the EU.


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