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Quality standardization of table grapes for exports suggested in Moldova

Experts from Moldovan agricultural producers’ organizations suggest that the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAIA) and the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA) develop a normative act establishing the quality parameters of table grapes intended for exports. In their opinion, “the regulations should be more stringent than for grapes to be sold on the domestic market, and might be not advisory, but mandatory.”

The reason for the proposal was the belief of the heads of associations that a flowed marketing strategy has developed over the past few years in Moldova. Usually, growers offer low-quality grapes for exports at the beginning of harvesting and sales season of table grapes, hoping to sell the best products in the middle and end of the season, when the purchase prices are expected to increase.

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However, according to traders, it is the first deliveries of grapes that form the idea of ​​foreign buyers about the quality of the current harvest in Moldova. They say that low quality of the first trial lots of grapes “spoils the image of Moldovan table grapes for the entire marketing year, and makes it difficult to agree on an increase in prices even for high-quality goods.”

The leaders of viticulture organizations argue that the analysis of the pricing environment for exports products shows that “the wholesale purchase prices in the beginning of the marketing season, when low-quality grapes are sold, are often equal to or even higher than the prices for high-quality grapes sold in the second half of the season”. With this in mind, “Moldovan table grapes growers should be encouraged, among other things, by regulatory acts to sell the best quality grapes for exports at the beginning of the season, soon after harvesting”.


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