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Production of early table grape varieties in Uzbekistan increased by 23% in two years

45.5 thousand tons of table grapes were produced in Uzbekistan in the first half of 2021, which is 5.1% more than in the same period last year. The data were published by the State Statistical Committee of the republic following the results of the first half of 2021. According to EastFruit analysts, the growth in grape production in the first half of the year from 2019 to 2021 was 23%.

Taking into account that there are only a few cases of greenhouse production of table grapes in Uzbekistan, according to EastFruit experts, the data on the grape production in Uzbekistan in January-June refer to early grape varieties grown in open field.

It is not surprising that the leaders in the grape production in January-June are the southern regions of the republic. According to 2021 data, the total share of the southernmost regions – Surkhandarya and Kashkadarya accounts for almost half of the produced volume of early table grape varieties – 44%, followed by Namangan, Bukhara and Samarkand regions:

Surkhandarya region: 30.1%

Kashkadarya region: 13.9%

Namangan region: 11.8%

Bukhara region: 11.4%

Samarkand region: 9.9%

The total share of the above five regions accounts for 77% of the total production of early table grape varieties in Uzbekistan. The total share of the remaining 8 regions of the republic is 23%, respectively.

According to the data at the beginning of July 2021, table grapes are grown on an area of 90 thousand hectares in Uzbekistan. 900 thousand workers are employed on a permanent and seasonal basis on it. Over the past four years, 52,000 hectares of new vineyards were planted and 210 billion sums were allocated to this sector in the form of subsidies – $ 19.7 million at the current exchange rate. The share of table grapes in the export of fruit and vegetable products doubled during this period.

We remind you that the head of state Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a video conference on the development of viticulture and industrial processing of table grapes, as well as measures to organize wine tourism in the regions on July 7, 2021. At the meeting the task was set to create new export-oriented plantations in 44 districts of the republic based on the experience of past years. Additional subsidies and compensations from the budget, incentives for the import of equipment and technology used in viticulture, tax incentives and resources for banks to finance the establishment of vineyards in the amount of $ 100 mln. should be allocated. New high-yielding, seedless, cold-resistant and disease-resistant grape varieties should be created based on foreign experience.


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