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Prices for the whole assortment of tomatoes in Ukraine rose sharply

EastFruit analysts note a sharp rise in tomato prices, especially in the southern region of Ukraine in recent days. The main reason for the price increase was the slowdown in the sampling rate due to the worsening weather conditions. At the same time, the demand for vegetables remained quite high.

Experts note that prices rose for the entire range of greenhouse tomatoes. For example, an ordinary round red tomato is sold at an average of 20-25 UAH / kg ($ 0.75-0.94 per kg), and the most typical price is 22 UAH / kg ($ 0.82). For pink tomato, it was possible to gain an average of 2 UAH / kg more – about 24 UAH / kg ($ 0.90). Yellow tomato was sold even more expensively – on average, at 26 UAH / kg ($ 0.97). For black tomato, the price was up to 35 UAH / kg ($ 1.31), but the real selling price was about 32-33 UAH / kg ($ 1.2). Besides, cherry tomatoes were the most expensive item, which could be bought at 35-40 UAH / kg ($ 1.3-1.5) in small wholesale.

These prices varied depending on the packaging used and the quality parameters. For example, some items of cherry tomatoes were sold at 30 UAH / kg ($ 1.1), and for others, sellers asked for up to 45 UAH / kg ($ 1.7). When shipping products from the farm, tomatoes could be bought on average 1-3 UAH / kg cheaper.

We also note that prices for cucumbers formed at the level of 12 UAH / kg ($ 0.45 per kg). In addition, the supply of eggplant and various types of pepper increased markedly, but their prices were also kept at a relatively high level.


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