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Prices for strawberries in Ukraine started to decline sharply

Analysts of Ukrainian EastFruit team report the beginning of a sharp decline in prices for strawberries on the Ukrainian market. This is due to improved weather conditions and high air temperatures, which led to an acceleration of ripening of strawberries in most regions of Ukraine.

Yesterday prices for strawberries in small wholesale in Kyiv did not fall below 50 UAH/kg ($ 1.84 per kg), and today strawberries can already be purchased even for 35 UAH/kg ($ 1.3). A sharp increase of offers of strawberries is noted on the wholesale markets in the country, and factories for freezing of berries significantly increased purchases. Wholesale prices for berries in the southern regions are similar to prices in Kyiv, but strawberries in the western region of the country, in particular in Lviv, are sold on average by 7-10 UAH/kg more expensive, because the season is just beginning there and mainly berries from more southern regions are sold.

It should be noted that prices for strawberries remained at a relatively high level this season due to excessive rainfall. However, APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits analysts expect that the strawberry harvest this year may be close to a record. In addition, the 2021 berry season began with a serious delay, which was further exacerbated by rainy and cloudy weather.

Therefore, there were no open field strawberries on the Ukrainian market for a long time, and farmers producing strawberries in greenhouses could earn well by selling berries on average twice as expensive as last year at the same time. Apparently, Polish farmers are prudently massively switching to growing strawberries in greenhouses.

The weather forecast for Ukraine for the next few days is quite favorable, although precipitation is still expected in some regions, but not heavy. The air temperature rises. This means that the peak of strawberry harvesting in the central and northern regions may be on June 15-18, when prices may drop to the minimum.

Will the wholesale price for strawberries in Ukraine drop to the level of UAH 25/kg (less than USD 1), as it was during the peak of the 2019 season? Most market participants and farmers believe that this is quite likely. However, high quality berries of the best varieties can be sold at a much higher price even during periods of extremely low prices, because this is one of the most problematic positions for supermarket chains, and many of them are willing to pay premium prices to suppliers of such berries.




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