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Prices for strawberries are collapsing in Ukraine

The main season for the strawberries in Ukraine is just beginning, but prices are already decreasing, much more rapidly than in previous years. EastFruit analysts reported.

In a week, wholesale prices for strawberries decreased by 50% and now arrived at 70 UAH / kg ($ 2.55 / kg). A week earlier the price was around UAH 160 / kg ($ 5.83), and last year at the same time, prices were UAH 100 / kg. Thus, the prices for strawberries have already dropped below last year and are now equal to the prices of 2019. Strawberries of a lower quality grade and small caliber can already be purchased in bulk even for 50 UAH / kg ($ 1.82).

According to EastFruit , Ukrainian prices for strawberries have already dropped below prices in Poland, although a week earlier Polish strawberries were more competitive. However, now wholesale prices for strawberries in Poland are already 15 US cents higher than in Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian suppliers have already begun negotiations on the supply of strawberries to Belarus, where prices are higher by an average of one US dollar per kg.

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We would like to remind you that it will be possible to learn the fundamental analytics of the Ukrainian berry market and see the dynamics of changes in the supply and demand balances for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries during the country’s largest berry conference on May 27-28, 2021 . This will allow each participant to assess the prospects for berry pricing for the new season. FTradeClub Berries will be held offline and will include B2B negotiations with buyers of berries: buyers of supermarket chains, wholesalers, processors and business tours to the agricultural company Eco-Park (commercial production of blueberries and sea buckthorn) and Prestige Fruit Company ( a large export-import wholesale company).

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