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Prices for potatoes in Ukraine keep declining

Ukrainian potato growers are again forced to reduce prices, EastFruit project analysts report. To date, there is an excess supply of potatoes on the Ukrainian market. Most local farmers are trying to sell them as quickly as possible, since the quality of potatoes in storage continues to deteriorate rapidly.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, wholesale prices for potatoes in Ukraine have now dropped to 4-10 UAH/kg ($0.14-0.34/kg), which is on average 18% cheaper than at the end of the last work week. The main reason for the price decline in the domestic market was the increase in the supply of both imported and local potatoes. According to the wholesale companies, the Ukrainian market now offers high-quality last year’s potatoes produced in Poland. Moreover, prices for imported potatoes are announced in the same range as for local ones.

It is worth noting that currently potatoes in Ukraine are on average 25% cheaper than at the beginning of April 2021. At the same time, given the rather large volumes of potatoes on the market, Ukrainian farmers do not exclude the possibility of further price reduction in the segment.


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