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Prices for onions started declining in Ukraine

A decrease in selling prices was recorded on the onion market in Ukraine this week, EastFruit project analysts report. The main reason for the downward price trend was the massive supply of imported onions from Poland, Egypt and the Netherlands. According to the project’s daily monitoring data, prices are also under pressure from an increase in the supply of onions from non-equipped storage facilities, the owners of which started active sales of onions when warm weather set.

Onions are sold today at 35-40 UAH/kg ($0.96-1.09/kg), which is 15% lower on average than a week earlier. According to market participants, the downward price trend is caused, first of all, by a large supply on the market, while demand for onions is rather low. Most of the farms with the onset of warming began to actively sell their stocks. At the same time, many farmers report that, for one reason or another, onions are stored worse than usual in the current season. Because of this, the percentage of losses and the share of substandard products, which producers seek to sell in the first place, have significantly increased.

Notably, the current price of onions in Ukraine is still 2.3 times higher than in the same period last year. However, some market players are sure that the market situation will change in April. By this time, onion stocks in farms will be significantly reduced, and their prices will go up. Under the current conditions, those who have stocks of high-quality onions do not sell them and plan to resume the sales in mid-spring.


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