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Prices for greenhouse cucumbers went up again in Ukraine on the eve of the holidays

Before the Easter holidays, Ukrainian greenhouse plants once again increase selling prices for cucumbers, EastFruit project analysts report. In addition to the pre-holiday rush, prices in this segment are kept up by the slowing down of cucumber ripening in most greenhouses due to cloudy weather last two weeks.

According to the daily monitoring of the project, only since the beginning of this week, the price of greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine has increased by an average of 15%. Today, Ukrainian greenhouse complexes are ready to ship smooth cucumbers no cheaper than 115-130 UAH/kg ($3.14-3.55/kg). The price for cucumbers with spines varies between 140-160 UAH/kg ($3.83-4.38/kg).

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The producers managed to increase the price of greenhouse cucumbers due to the increased demand for them on the eve of Easter. Prices are also supported by a reduction in supply in the market, as due to cloudy and rainy weather, harvests in greenhouses have noticeably decreased. Deliveries of imported cucumbers also fell significantly, as prices are also rising in the main importing countries due to adverse weather conditions.

It should be noted that the current price for greenhouse cucumbers in Ukraine is on average 1.6 times higher than at the beginning of April 2022. However, many market participants do not rule out that the price may fall sharply after the holidays.


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