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Prices for Gala apples collapsed in Russia

According to EastFruit analyst, the crisis in the fresh apple market in Russia continued to worsen this week. Wholesale prices for apples of the first autumn variety “Gala” harvested now in the southern regions of the country fell immediately by 10 RUB/kg or $ 0.14 to $ 0.55 per kg.

In a week the price for Gala apples dropped by 20% at once, and in two weeks – by a third. However, previous seasons are the most interesting to compare with. The prices for apples are already 1,5 times lower than at the same time last year even in rubles, despite the delay of the harvesting and selling season of Gala apples this year by an average of two weeks in most countries of the region. Actual prices for apples in Russia are now the lowest ever recorded in this period of the year.

Such a rapid decline in apple prices on the Russian domestic market and low-price levels given rising transportation costs led to a sharp slowdown in Russian imports. Fruit importers pay no more than 50 US cents per kg to deliver apples to Moscow, but the prices are too low for Moldovan growers.

As for the supply of Gala apples from Serbia to Russia, Serbian exporters are now actively looking for alternatives to the Russian market. Indeed, taking into account the cost of transportation, exporting to Russia is currently unprofitable.


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