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Prices dropping for low-quality walnut kernels in Moldova

Representatives from the Union of Nut Growers Associations in Moldova assert that since mid-January, the wholesale prices for the purchase and sale of walnut kernels have decreased by about 1-2 lei/kg ($0.06-0.12/kg). This sluggish process has had the greatest impact on the price of the lowest quality products of dark quarters and nut crumbs whereas the wholesale price for high-quality products – light halves of kernels – has not changed. At the beginning of this week, wholesale prices for walnut kernels have kept in the range of 90-100 lei/kg ($5.20-5.78/kg) for more than a month.

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Nevertheless, the union specialists believe that in the last month of winter there is very little chance that prices for walnut kernels in Moldova will remain at the current level or increase. Tempting offers from European trading enterprises are circulating on the Moldovan market for the purchase of large lots (tens of tons) of light kernels of the Chandler variety at a price higher than the current one. Unfortunately, there are no available consignments of American and French walnut varieties of this size in the country. As a result, overseas buyers are gradually shifting their attention to adjacent markets.

In fact, the gradual decline in prices for low-quality nuts (dark kernels) indicates that walnut farmers have lost faith in the prospect of selling their products. They have begun to accept discounts from reliable buyers who are ready to pay immediately at the time of shipment.


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