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Potato exports to Uzbekistan have not yet affected domestic potato prices in Tajikistan

In a recent analytical report on the region’s potato marketEastFruit analysts talked about the huge difference in potato prices between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which has already led to an increase in potato purchases in Tajikistan for exports to Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that market participants expected an increase in potato prices in Tajikistan, they remained at the same level this week.

Potatoes can still be bought at wholesale in Tajikistan at $0.27 per kg, while domestic wholesale prices for potatoes in Uzbekistan are $0.20 higher and reach $0.47 per kg. By the way, this almost corresponds to the average wholesale price for potatoes in Russia, which usually exports them to Uzbekistan during this period.

If the purchases of potatoes in Tajikistan for supplies to the Uzbek market are large, this will lead to an increase in domestic prices sooner or later. According to official data, Tajikistan almost does not export and import potatoes. According to trade sources, local potato shortages in the country used to be quickly covered by potatoes from Kyrgyzstan, but it was not included into the official statistics.

However, the situation has changed dramatically this year. The border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan was closed most of the time, and trade between the countries is complicated even now. In addition, the regional situation has changed and the demand for potatoes from Kyrgyzstan is now unusually high. Russia actively imports potatoes from Kyrgyzstan, which means that it will be more difficult for Tajikistan to cover the deficit, if any, than usual.


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