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Polish producers are already thinking about the next apple season

At the moment, the Polish apple market is only at the beginning of the second half of the trading season. Still, the producers are already analysing the opportunities and threats of the next season. According to fresh-market.pl, there are many signs that this will be a challenging season for Polish producers.

This season has not been very productive for apple growers. Although the relatively low harvest, also in Europe, has provided somewhat higher prices for the second season in a row, apple producers face many challenges. These are mainly problems with quality and storage. It is worth noting that the weather conditions during the harvest period were unfavourable, affecting apples’ condition in storage. The ongoing pandemic and its impact on employee availability, logistics, and demand also negatively influenced this sector.

As for the upcoming season, traditionally, the weather is the most significant unknown factor that may affect the harvest. In January of this year, freezing winter temperatures finally came to Poland, but in the regions where apples are grown, there was no extreme drop in daytime temperatures.

Polish producers note that after two seasons of low yields, the fruit trees are “took their rest” and if the weather does not cause the decline in yields, Europe will have a season, rich in apples. As a result, a collapse in prices is possible, similar to that after the 2018 harvest. For the apple industry, already weakened by the pandemic, this may be a significant shock.


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